terms and conditions

commission spots: please inquire if spots are available, spot is safe once the deposit is paid, no commissions on modelhorse tack

deposits: a non-refundable deposit of 200 € is required before I start working on the model/portrait


pricing: price is calculated individually, please inquire via e-mail, I will confirm the price with you before I start working


working time: I will give you a heads up how long it will take to finish the project


payments: bank transfer (within Europe) or PayPal (additional fees must be paid by the buyer), for time-payments please inquire, all payments must be send in Euro

importing modelhorses: custom duties might apply when you ship a figurine to Germany

modelhorse prepping: I decide how intense the prepping work is and what to charge, you are welcome to get the model professionally prepped by another artist

quality of model horses: I only use high quality artist materials for prepping, painting and sealing my artwork. All my artwork is handcrafted and small discrepancies in the finish or color are inevitable. However many modelhorses I painted are successful at live shows all over the world.

modelhorse hairing: price depends on color, shading and hairstyle, I use high quality mohair, only in combination with a paint job!

shipping: I ship worldwide with tracking number and insurance: Germany 7 €, Europe 17 €, UK 27 €, US/World starting at 56 €

Please note that I only use recycled packing material. Your model will ship back to you in the same box as you send it to me.

Commission pricing for 2025

modelhorses traditional size 

solid color                        450 €
dappled grey                 +250 €

pinto                               +250 €
 minimal sabino/appy +250 €

sabino/appy                 +400 €
roan                                +400 €

mohair                            +250 €

prepping work       +100-300 €
base                           +50-100 €

model is not included

dogs figurines, medallions and modelhorses curio size
solid color                        250 €
dappled grey                  +150 €
pinto                                +100 €
minimal sabino/appy   +100 €
sabino/appy                  +200 €

roan                                +200 €

mohair                             +150 €

prepping work         +50-100 €

base                            +25-50 €

model is not included

animal portraits


pastels A4                      350 €

acrylics 30 x 40 cm       750 €


other sizes please inquire